VALUES | Bell Holding




We always act in accordance with ethical and professional standards.
We do the most appropriate for our society, customers, employees and ourselves.
We build sincere, open and forthright communications.
We are responsible for our behavior, and fulfil our commitments.
We act according to the text and spirit of the agreements that we sign.
We strictly adhere to the principles of confidentiality.


We protect the rights of our employees, customers, shareholders and the community to which we belong.
We obey the laws and respect statutory rights.
We are not prejudiced and value all differences in belief, culture and such others.
We act in accordance with company rules and consider all violations of such rules as a sign of disrespect.
We express our ideas respectfully. In cases of disagreement we are solution oriented and strive for finding common ground.


We share information, learn and develop together.
To achieve our objectives we work together, act in a sensible way and are comfortable in sharing the necessary information and data with our colleagues.
We believe in the power of sharing, and support each other in good and bad times.
We openly share what can and cannot be done in our relationships with our business partners.


We value team work.
We know that sustainable success is a result of team work.
We collaborate to achieve common goals and celebrate our successes together.
We do not stick to job description, but do our best to achieve what is requested.
We take personal initiative to build common strength with our colleagues.


People are important and valuable to us.
We are never arrogant, we adopt a “win - win” approach in all our relationships.
Our first priority is our customers and we know that their success is our success.
We listen with respect to the needs of our business partners and make sure that we have correctly understood them.
We always think of the added value we create and try to increase it.


We give priority to excellence in our results and the way we achieve these results.
We follow the principle “Do it once and do it best” and we apply all innovations faultlessly.
We continuously raise the bar of our operating standards in order to improve our operating processes.
We always work according to plans and programs.
When necessary we use proactive initiatives to achieve the optimum solution.
We have a global vision and we closely follow the developments in our sectors.
We give importance to being accurate, talk about our mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and try not to repeat them.


We support inquisitive minds and consider it as one of the most important requisite for personal and corporate development.
We constantly question cause-and-effect relationships to develop novel ways and methods in order to become even more efficient.
When developing novel ways and methods we always take a process based approach and progress by removing bottlenecks and other obstacles.
For inquisitiveness we mean reviewing our existing processes in light of developing technologies, thinking out of the box and not feeling tied to old habits, quickly adopting novel ways and adapting to them.