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    The 21th issue of NEWS@Bell is now available. In this edition, with the headline of BACK TO SCHOOL, Perfektüp Ambalaj's Kırklareli Production Site, One of Our Group Companies PAAG's Work on "Creating Value in Recycling", Perfektüp Ambalaj's Patent Success and Becoming a Finalist in the Competition Held at the 8th Lean 6 Sigma Conference, Deep Learning Powered Factories, Tulipack Ambalaj's Awarded the ISCC Plus Certificate, Review of Mr. Umut Şekerdağ, General Manager of Perfetti Van Melle, 13th BPG Management Conference, Participation of Perfektüp Ambalaj Joins the Turquality Brand Support Program, Our Participation in the Istanbul Marathon as BPG and Mr. Livio Manzini, Chairman and CEO of Bell Holding, joined the “Equality Ambassador CEOs/Leaders Movement” organized by PWN Istanbul are shared.

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  • Sustainability Strategy and Carbon Management Strategy-Decarbonization Roadmap Projects

    Bell Group of Companies is taking firm steps towards its goals with two important projects in its sustainability journey. In this context, we continue to work on the Sustainability Strategy and Carbon Management Strategy-Decarbonization Roadmap projects.

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  • Tubettıfıcıo Favıa becomes Tubettıfıcıo Perfektüp

    Following the acquisition of Tubettificio Favia Italy by Perfektüp Ambalaj Turkey in April 2022, a significant period to integrate seamlessly within the Bell Group of Companies has been in progress. In this unique phase a significant step has been taken and Tubettificio Favia has changed its name and became Tubettificio Perfektüp.

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  • Perfektüp Ambalaj acquıres Favıa, The Italıan Alumınum Tubes Manufacturer wıth A 88-Year Hıstory

    One of the members of The Bell Group of Companies, Perfektüp Ambalaj, Turkey’s leading packaging companies, has taken a very important step towards becoming a global brand with the acquisition of Italian company Tubettificio Favia, which has been operating as a manufacturer of aluminium tubes for 88 years.

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  • ESH Münhasır Sağlık Hızmetlerı A.Ş. joıns Bell Group of Companıes!

    Considering its high experience in the field of professional health services and solutions in the past years, our Group is excited to re-enter the health sector.

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    In 2020, as Bell Packaging Group companies, we decided to create our Corporate Sustainability roadmap and publish our performance with Group Sustainability reports.

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